Please help provide the Reunion Committee updates to squadron members contact information who were assigned to HT-18 between 1982-1992.

Send names and contact information to Bill Personius (billpersonius@gmail.com) and Gary Watson (doc.watson@dnr.ga.gov) and Carl Erlandson (carl.erlandson.ctr@usmc.mil).

Please complete the form below to include sending us your last military bio and pictures you might like to share when you were in the squadron.

Important: Please indicate if you are willing to share your personal contact information (email/street address, phone number) with other squadron members for the upcoming reunion.

Those willing to share their contact information will be asked to enter their last name as your user name and create a password to access the restricted data base containing other attendees contact information to reconnect.

Those desiring to keep their contact information confidential will fill out the data they desire to share with the reunion group in an Excel File and email it back to billpersonius@gmail.com.  These personnel will continue to be updated with reunion information however their contact information will not be shared with the group.

We look forward to having an outstanding reunion and getting to see one another in October.

I authorize my personal contact information to be shared with the Reunion Group and in return I will be provided the full contact list of those authorized participants to see their contact information.
I do not authorize my personal contact information to be shared with the Reunion Group. I understand that I will continue to receive updates concerning the reunion.